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Dance Arts Centre is a studio where you and your child will feel welcome and comfortable. A family and child-friendly atmosphere that encourages students to do their best and gain self-confidence, one where students learn to be the best dancer and person they can be.

There are many benefits to be derived from dance training: grace, confidence, discipline and self-esteem, poise, physical fitness and co-ordination, among others.

These benefits and more are attributes which our students will carry throughout their lives.

This is a letter we were given to us at our recital by the parents of a student.

Mr. Mark and Sandee,
How do I put fifteen years of appreciation in a thank you? This will be a hard and emotional weekend and I'm not sure I will be able to verbally communicate how truly thankful I am for all you have done for not only our dancer but for us as parents and our family. You have spent countless hours teaching and reinforcing some of the best qualities in a daughter we could ever ask for. You were her teacher, her friend, her parent and most of all someone she looked up to with the highest respect. You gave her skills she never even knew you were teaching her. Punctuality, dedication, commitment, self esteem, poise, responsibility, confidence and grace but I can go on and on. She also learned how to work as a team and how to manage her time which will help her for the rest of her life. You made her always feel comfortable knowing each dancer has different strengths and weakness and those only make us a unique dancer not a lesser dancer. Thank you for working with those weaknesses and playing off those strengths. You taught her family doesn't have to be blood as some of the strongest bonds were made through dance classes regardless of their different ideas and opinions. I'm not sure she will have the opportunity to ever meet anyone who will guide her and impact her life in such a positive way as you have and for that I thank you, my family thanks you. We thank you for helping us create what we think is a strong amazing beautiful young woman inside and out. Again please just know that I really have appreciated all you have done every day for the last fifteen years, not just today as we say goodbye. Having said all of that, thank you too for the choreography, technique, amazing dances, costumes and most of all memories.


A Dancers Family